Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

At the foundation we collaborate with industry experts who prioritize youth employment and help households live beyond the poverty threshold.  Currently we have been offering online events that give attendees access to exclusive prizes under our Re-Energise with...

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Our Events

Our Events

Throughout the year we host a different kind of Events.  Not only is it awesome to meet our partners, beneficiaries, community and friends face to face, but we love the energy, connections and collaborations that come from these events.  Once we have the details of...

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Any donation today will support our vision:

  • To create permanent employment for 100 000 youth by 2030
  • To raise the average household income in our target communities to a minimum of R17 000 per month by:
    -   Growing local economies through SME sustainability, growth and resilience
    -   Sponsoring programmes that foster interdependent business communities that co-create strategies for success.

Become a participating company

As an SME you have the opportunity to help a profiled candidate intern gain work experience within your business over a period of 6 months. To see if you are eligible for having one our interns placed in your growing company see the criteria in the application form.

Sponsor an Intern

With just a small donation  you can contribute towards the costs of the 6-month internship programme for one unemployed youth in eligible SMEs.

Become a candidate for Internship

The Gryphon Foundation aims to create permanent employment for 100 000 youth by 2030.  If your application is successful, your name will be added to a database of eligible candidates for a sponsored 6-month internship within a local enterprise.  The information you provide is private and confidential.   If you are still interested, start your journey today by filling in the online application form.

Form part of the Gryphon Foundation

Volunteer and join a cohort of coaches, mentors, counsellors, and consultants to offer support to our targeted beneficiaries. If you are passionate about making a difference towards building a thriving economy fill in an online application form.